Destiny Hotel: Love Episode

Destiny Hotel: Love Episode

Go on a love journey and make the choices you would never dare to in real life.


❓ Who’s gonna steal your heart? Will you abandon your hometown crush for an exciting new opportunity away from everything that holds you back? How will you respond to the sincere love courtship by a wealthy hotel owner? And, will you accept all that he offers? Will your friends stay true to you? In love triangle games, it’s important to make good decisions so be careful – every choice has its consequences! Maybe the right choice is not so obvious as it seems! Choose your adventure in this love simulator game for teen girls and enjoy!


❗ So, are you ready for a brand new story game in which you get to choose where ⭐destiny⭐ will take you? You are the heroine of this interactive story game, in which you have the opportunity to write your own romantic story and help your character make choices. Whether they will be right or wrong, you’ll have to see for yourself, because depending on your choices, there could be several possible outcomes in these super-thrilling role playing games for teen girls. Enter the drama game and change the plot, because each decision you make changes the course of each episode or chapter of this romance story game. Tell us > What would you do if you had to choose your story?


📜 Follow this virtual story and, in each episode, interact with other intriguing characters because their decisions also shape your ⭐ destiny ⭐. Together you embark on a love journey full of secrets, excitement, passion, desire, but also betrayal and unexpected love twists. Experience the thrill of dangerous affairs shrouded in romantic mystery while going through the amazing interactive chapters in this role playing game for teen girls. But remember, YOU control everything that happens in this virtual story, and each episode’s ending depends on what YOU decide. 


💞 💘 💝 💖 💗  💓 💕 💟 ❣️ 💔 ❤️ 💞 💘 💝 💖 💗  💓 💕 💟 ❣️ 💔 ❤️


Features of ⭐ Destiny Hotel: Love Episode ⭐


🆔 First of all, you get to name the main character or you can play as yourself, because YOU are the main lead in this role playing game for teens


👗 Customize your look and pick out your outfit and style that expresses your personality. There are plenty of fashionable clothes and customizing items so you can personalize your avatar. Be the best looking girl in your love game.


💬 Interact with various characters in this love simulator game for teens and follow the romantic story line of your own choice. Don’t let others make decisions for you and choose your adventure by yourself.


💓 Experience love, passion, heartbreak, insecurity and jealousy and immerse yourself in the drama game you get to create by deciding on your ⭐ destiny ⭐ in this interactive story. Think! What would you do if you were the main character of your own love game?


✍️ Write your own virtual romantic story and decide where the story line goes. Experience the freedom you always dreamt of and get to see what adult life is about, without any risk.


🎨 Enjoy the amazing visual effects and simple tap-based gameplay in each of our interactive story games. Transport yourself into different cities and environments you’ve always wanted to visit.  


📚 New chapters are added regularly, so you can enjoy the captivating love journey every day, from the comfort of your home.


📖 Games with choices, chapters, and episodes let you make decisions and change how the virtual story ends. What would you do if you had to choose your story


🔁 Discover the episode you love and replay it if you want. There is an option for you to play the completed episode again for alternative outcomes, based on some new choices you would like to make.


💞 💘 💝 💖 💗  💓 💕 💟 ❣️ 💔 ❤️ 💞 💘 💝 💖 💗  💓 💕 💟 ❣️ 💔 ❤️


Want to escape the harsh reality and live a true romance story? Then, look no further and start playing one of our dramatic interactive story games with choices. This love game gives you an opportunity to think carefully about what you want and how you can achieve it.

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