Fitness Romance Story

Fitness Romance Story


Romance story fans, here is something completely new! An indulging romance story love game with beautiful young people who are into fitness. Unexpected events are all part of this love game, an otome in English visual novel that lets you choose your own romance story while playing High School Romance Story – Fitness Love.💞💞💞

Love and fitness – is there a better combination? Story choices games will keep you hooked on reading. Fully charge your phone, because we guarantee you one thing – you won’t be able to put it down.

💞💞💞Romance story games come with a unique concept that allows you to choose your story and transform the breathtaking story line with every decision you make. Romance story games let you have an amazing experience through reading exciting chapters and romance stories in an interactive choice based experience.

Amazing features of High School Romance Story – Fitness Love love game

🏋️ Customize your avatar
🏋️ Pick out the most suitable outfit and style
🏋️ Create your own romance story game for teenage girls!
🏋️ Interact with various characters in the story: your friends, acquaintances and your high school crush
🏋️ Choose what you want to say, but be careful! The options are endless, and words can be a double-edged sword.
🏋️ Have an impact on the future of all the characters
🏋️ Discover surprising secrets!
🏋️ Create the best and unforgettable romantic story
🏋️ Write your own interactive story in the most impressive interactive story games with choices of all time!
🏋️ Enjoy awesome characters, music, graphics and animations, and simple tap-based gameplay!

High School Romance Story – Fitness Love – a breathtaking teen drama that will sweep you off your feet.

Is this just another fling or is there real love between these characters? What would you do if you had your partner’s ex stalking you? What if they were a life threat to you? How will our characters cope with all the relationship-breaking factors? Hot and fit story love game characters, tense relations, wild parties, jealous girlfriends and uncertain relationships are just a small part of High School Romance Story – Fitness Love – a highly exciting romance story.💞💞💞

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