MOZE Mobile

MOZE Mobile

MOZE Mobile app is designed for all current International School of Belgrade Students, Parents and
Teachers. It provides a handy portal for all information that is available on the web Parent/Student portal.
Download MOZE Mobile to get started!

Our IB results are consistently among the best in the world and our graduates go on to study at some of
the world’s finest universities. Our teachers purposefully create inspiring, student-centered and
personalized learning environments designed to address each student’s unique approach to their
learning. Our community is our strength and we are happy to have parents who are actively involved in
the lives of their children and the school community.

This school app enables you to keep track of various information relevant to you as a Student, Parent or
Employee of The International School of Belgrade.

MOZE Mobile offers:

• Using your Parent/Student school account to access student’s report cards, attendance,
• Insight into gradebook, curriculum, After School Activities (ASA)
• Updating parental consents, Emergency contacts and Vehicle information
• Easier communication between Parents and Teachers, as well as Teachers and Students

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