Virtual Pet Lily 2 – Cat Game

Virtual Pet Lily 2 – Cat Game

What’s furry, playful and waiting to get your attention? It’s your new virtual pet! Start the adventure together with your talking cat Lily. Care for your virtual cat and make her the happiest feline ever! Love your talking pet like you’ve never loved any pet before! Download and play My Talking Cat Lily.


Choose the most perfect and stylish outfit for talking cat Lily. Like all the girls, she likes wearing fancy clothes 👗 matched with classy accessories. Your talking friend has her own make-up studio. Try out her lipsticks and cute eyeshadows, and pick the right look. 💄


Your talking virtual pet has a hidden talent – she’s a real pastry chef! Together you can make the most delicious, colorful desserts. 🍨 Lily has a sweet tooth – she’ll eat them up in no time.

And these are just a few fun activities you and your best friend can do!

🛁 Bathe your cat ‘till she’s sparkling clean again. Unlike many cats, Lily likes water.
🤤 Go food-shopping and make delicious, mouth-watering meals.
🎮 Play mini-games and earn coins.
🛏️ Tuck her into bed and get her rested for another round of playtime and fun activities.

Features of My Talking Cat Lily:

* Customize your cat best friend – exactly as you like!
* Choose from tons of delicious snacks to feed your hungry virtual friend!
* Play fun-filled mini-games with your talking cat!
* Dress up Lily in a variety of stylish outfits and cute accessories!
* Enjoy adorable and interactive 3D animations!

Talk to your virtual pet – Talking Cat Lily and she will repeat everything you say. Poke and pat her and see how she reacts. She’ll love spending time with her favorite human. Enjoy a great time with your cat simulator – virtual cat and make her happy. Talking cat Lily will change her emotions according to how you play with her.

Have you ever dreamed about having a cat that you will take care of? Dreams come true — Lily the talking cat is your new virtual friend! Grab your Smartphone or tablet and download this great cat simulator animal game My Talking Cat Lily. Start an amazing adventure with talking cat Lily – your new favorite virtual pet!


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