Sleepy Talking Bob: Chains Cut

Sleepy Talking Bob: Chains Cut

🐈Try out one of the best games in which your main goal is to cut the chain and help Sleepy Talking Bob Cat get to his cloud where he can fall asleep and rest. You have already had a chance to meet Talking Bob Cat. In case you haven’t met him yet, you can check out My Talking Bob Cat virtual pet game. This time, Bob is feeling sleepy and needs your help and assistance to get to the cloud where he can sleep and recover his energy.😴

🐈In this amazing chain cutting game, you need to collect the coins and make sure Sleepy Bob Cat falls safely on a cozy, soft cloud. Be careful, though, when you are cutting the chains. Bob can easily miss his cloud and fall down if you are not cautious. This cool chain cutting puzzle game will make you spend hours in joy and entertainment.😴

🐈Sleepy Talking Bob Cat: Chain Cut puzzle game is perfect for practicing your logic and will make your brain work like a clock. The laws of physics are also a big part of this game, in which you need to cut numerous chains. In case you are not acquainted with the laws of physics, you will have a chance to see how they work and learn something new while you play.😴

🐈If you haven’t had the opportunity to play chain cutting games, you do not have to worry. In this puzzle game, there is a tutorial so that you can learn how to play this amazing chain cutting puzzle game.😴

🐈The first levels are super easy, but later you will have to make your brain work when the more challenging levels come. In case you like competing with other players, this puzzle chains cutting game is made for you. There is a leaderboard which allows you to see who is the best player of the day, week or of all time. Try to be the first one on the list.😴

🐈If this puzzle game, in which your goal is to cut the chain, is too hard for you, try using the hints which are available to help you and give you some ideas.😴

💠💤Features of Sleepy Talking Bob Cat: Chains Cut 💤💠

✂️ Have fun while you are cutting the chains
🧠 Use logic and physics knowledge to solve the puzzles
💡 Tap on the hints button and get the help you need to get on the next level
⭐ Enjoy the amazing graphics and a cute sleepy cat
🎮 Easy and simple tap-based gameplay
🎵 Listen to some nice music and sound effects as you play
🏆 Get to the leaderboard and become the best player

🐈Sleepy Bob Cat is feeling exhausted, use the power of your mind and logic to show him the way to his fluffy cloud. Download Sleepy Talking Bob Cat: Chains Cut from the app store now and try out this entertaining chain cutting game which will make you addicted and develop your logical thinking.😴


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