Bella – My Virtual Dog Pet

Bella – My Virtual Dog Pet

💎Somebody came looking for you. It’s a lovely little talking dog called BellaBella is a talking dog who feels lonely and desperately needs an owner to take care of her. Adopt My Talking Dog Bella, and she will surely become your loyal companion.

💎Forget about boredom with My Talking Dog BellaBella is the most loyal virtual talking dog who will never leave your side. Talking dog Bella can do anything a real dog can, and even more than that. In case you are looking for games that feature virtual pets, you are at the right place. There is no better virtual talking dog than My Talking Dog Bella.

💎My Talking Dog Bella is perfectly made for an owner who is looking for a faithful virtual dog to take care of and spoil it. That owner can be you, if you decide to join many proud owners of this adorable virtual pet Bella.

💜Features of My Talking Dog Bella:💜

🐾 Take care of My Talking Dog Bella, bathe her, offer her yummy food when she gets hungry, put her to bed when you notice she got tired.🍰🛏️

🐾It’s going to be My talking dog Bella‘s birthday soon. Help Bella throw a birthday party and celebrate it together with her.🎉🎈

🐾Make My Talking Dog Bella look stunning. Choose the loveliest outfit for Bella and turn her into a princess.👗👚

🐾Play super fun mini-games with your virtual talking dog Bella.🎮 🕹️

🐾Complete all the tasks and have fun with Bella while collecting cool rewards.💰🎁

🐾Visit My Talking Dog Bella‘s makeup studio and put some makeup on her face. She loves looking like a diva.💅💄

🐾Go to the garden and help my talking dog Bella grow vegetables. The vegetables can be sold on the market. This will earn you coins, which can be used to get some meals for my talking dog Bella or other things she needs.💐🥕

💎Join my talking dog Bellaand find out about all the possibilities this virtual talking dog game has to offer. Make my talking dog Bella the happiest dog in the whole world by attending to her needs. Watch how her mood changes, and act appropriately to keep her satisfied and joyful.

💎One of the many advantages is the possibility to earn tons of coins by playing mini-games which are super exciting, such as Spiral Cake, Sea Diving, Flying fruit and many others.

💎Hurry and download My Talking Dog Bella from the app store as soon as you can. Do something for yourself and adopt My Talking Dog Bella today. Bella will keep you entertained for hours and days. Bella only requires love and affection. Make My Talking Dog Bella your pet, and forget about the days of loneliness and dullness.

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